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Flip-Flops for Men and Women Now Available

These fashionable and functional wearables did not make it in time to be included in our Hot420Stuff Winter 2018 Catalog but they are available for you to view and order TODAY!

Check out this footwear before we publish the next catalog. Enjoy!


flip_flops_with_bold_blue_leaf_design-r474b3362d5654bb98969b1073fa0aa52_jhur8_540 flip_flops_with_fuscia_watercolor_leaf_design-rdb89612e79764f9999d2ed63ae55b289_jhur8_540 flip_flops_with_pale_sage_watercolor_leaf_design-r8f85cbeb51564907bebdec15ebca73db_jhur8_540 flip_flops_with_violet_watercolor_leaf_design-ra7fb93f8b8ff4cdcba396d3f2a0a6217_jhur8_540


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